I am the eldest of eight children – born in Liverpool, England…yes, I’m a proud Scouser!

I got my start in music when I became the designated babysitter for my brothers and sisters. I would sing along to songs on the radio all the time and after a while, found myself picking out the harmonies to the songs. After high school, I went to college for cosmetology and hair-dressing and the customers used to love the shampoo I gave them because it lasted as long as the song that was on the radio at the time!

Some things you might not know about me:

  1. I lack self confidence.
  2. I am shy
  3. I love garlic!
  4. I love shopping….anywhere and everywhere
  5. The most devastating time of my life was losing my biggest fans – my Mum & Dad.
  6. If I wasn’t singing for a living, I would love to be an interior designer
  7. I LOVE garlic!
  8. Angry Birds keeps me awake until the wee-hours of the morning (even then I am popping the little buggers in my sleep)
  9. I totally REFUSE to accept any and all invitations to play Candy Crush!
  10. Becoming a mother is the best thing that ever happened to me.
  11. My son is an IVF child
  12. My son loves garlic!

The highlight of my career has been the opportunity to perform on stage with my husband and son. I cherish every one of those moments.

There’s no better feeling than hearing an audience member get emotional about a song I sing – when it brings back a memory of a loved one or takes them back to a poignant time in their life. To know the power of music can touch people is the most gratifying part of my job…I love that!!!!…..and I love garlic 🙂