Donna Gregg

This past summer I was on a five week cruise on Holland America the Veedam. Part of the cruise the group joined us and gave us concerts on two different nights.

I rarely have much enjoyment on cruise ship entertainers but the two nights with Abbafab was amazing.

I loved disco and Abba in the 70’s and their rendition brought me back to that wonderful exciting time in my life.

The mood was electric and when on the second night they entertained us with Billy Joel tunes, wow, I have seen Joel in concert and if one shut their eyes you could swear it was him at that piano.

After one show they gave out promo discs of their songs however, they ran out. I jotted down my name and address giving it to them with their promise to have their management office to send me one.
Not sure if I really thought I would get one but true to their word it arrived at my home the same day I got home.

I sure hope I get the opportunity to hear and see them again, they are just plain great.

Terry Davies

Hi Donna,

Thank you for your kind comments! So glad you received the CD and hope you are enjoying it 🙂
We hope to see you on an upcoming cruise
Take care 🙂

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