When I first decided to become a musician it was based on the single idea that I wanted to do the one thing that made me more happy than anything else. Learning, playing and especially performing music is the dream I was able make reality. As I look back at my career I’m humbled by the things I’ve been able to do and by the people I’ve gotten to work with and be inspired by. Some of my most memorable memories include session work for rappers, rockers, jazzers and country bumpkins. Sharing the stage with artists like Maroon 5, Tears for Fears and Mini Kiss. Writing and arranging music for numerous bands, film, hip hop artists, commercials and even having my music play out of toy trains. Influences have been many but my family has always been the first to encourage me in my career and help me push forward. Starting with my dad buying my first guitar to my grandpa putting me through music school to my son wanting me to play his favorite songs and being able to work with my wife who is an amazing pianist it all seems to be tied to family. I think I chose the right career because with no end in sight my life is truly a dream. I get to travel the world, play for amazing audiences and I have a family that is not only my wife, son and the child on the way but also the people I get to work with on a daily basis. So, for me music is all about happiness, family and dreams coming true.